Ultrasound and sonogram students in New Jersey are reeling from the sudden closure of MCI Institute of Technology.

The Hoboken campus of the school closed last month without warning to students, who paid substantial tuition to the for-profit trade school. reports that a state agency is currently obtaining information from the school's owner about the circumstances of the closing, and is working to help students.

If you are a former student or faculty member of MCIT who wishes to share concerns about the closing with attorneys at The Googasian Firm who have experience assisting persons harmed by sudden school closings, you may do so by filling out this contact form or by calling 248-502-0869.
A detailed report by the Baltimore Sun chronicles how student loan debt incurred at substandard trade schools can plague students long after the end of programs that provided them with little benefit.  The report tells the story of Janice Peete-Bey who still faces loan obligations relating to a trade school program that she enrolled in 25 years ago.  Ms. Peete-Bey has already paid more than $13,500 on a loan that was originally $5,600, with some of the payments coming in the form of wage garnishments and tax refund seizures.  According to the Sun, the school that Ms. Peete-Bey attended has long since closed, with its CEO having plead guilty to fraud for concealment of the school's drop-out rate in order to keep federal student aid to the school flowing.