Sojourner-Douglass  College in Baltimore is facing a potential loss of accreditation, according to a report in the Baltimore Sun.  The newspaper reports that the accreditation problem, coupled with financial losses, is causing an uncertain future for the small college.  The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has given the college until September 1, 2014 to "show cause," or demonstrate, why its accreditation should not be revoked.  The Sun story states in part, "Sojourner-Douglass College was first placed on 'warn' status in November 2011 by the Middle States Commission, which found its financial resources, student learning outcomes and goal-setting insufficient. Colleges typically are given up to two years to come into compliance after a warning is given, according to Middle States Commission spokesman Richard J. Pokrass.One year later, the commission found that the college had sufficiently addressed concerns about student learning and goal setting but still needed to address its shaky finances.  [The college's president] said the college was in the midst of trying to fix its financial difficulties when they began to mount further. The Middle States Commission gave the college a one-year extension in late 2012 to address the financial concerns, said Pokrass."



04/16/2015 1:16am

There are many questions to ask the government. It seems that politicians don't consult teachers when it comes to reforms and use students' needs as the instrument, nothing more. While the politicians play their games, students need help with some education issues.


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