A young woman recently shared on Daily Kos her unfortunate story of pursuing a law school degree at a Florida for-profit law school -- including what she describes as incurring $150,000 in debt.   "I bet on the American Dream:  invest in your own education and work hard, and you can rise. Now’s it’s a nightmare--one that’s drained my will to live a few times in ways I’d rather not even describe," writes the former student, Summer Boggs. "My school did a heck of a sales pitch, with great-looking promotional materials, and really persistent recruiters who called around-the-clock. I was led to believe that I’d land a high-demand career in the legal field, earning a six-figure salary in just a few years."  According to Ms. Boggs, her reality has proved to be much different:  "I’m drowning in debt, and working at a non-profit making $30,000 a year.  Not a lawyer’s salary, barely enough to make ends meet, and nothing extra to keep up with my massive monthly payments."


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