For-profit education company Bridgepoint Education and its Ashford University have settled with the State of Iowa following a dispute about whether the school misled and pressured students to enroll.  According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the company agreed to pay $7.5 million to resolve the dispute.  Bridgepoint and Ashford denied any wrongdoing, but agreed not to use any "unconscionable or coercive" tactics in student enrollments.  As part of the settlement, Ashford also will inform students in writing that online degrees from its College of Education do not lead to immediate licensure in any state and that its education college is not accredited by three major teacher-accreditation bodies. An independent administrator is scheduled to oversee the settlement and submit annual reports to the state for a period of three years.  A copy of the settlement is available here.  If you are a student or administrator with a new  concern about Ashford or Bridgepoint that you wish to share with an attorney, you may submit it to attorneys at College Watchdogs via e-mail at



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