An interesting item by David Halperin in the Huffington Post reveals the for-profit college industry's plan to defeat or undo the Obama Administration's years-long effort to bring more accountability to the programs offered to students.   According to the HuffPost report, one of the leaders  in the for-profit school industry recently gave a PowerPoint presentation to a trade association gathering that outlined a multi-pronged plan to block the increased federal oversight.  The planned steps included seeking to "defund" the regulators, to "stop implementation," and to litigate if necessary.  The HuffPost article questions the effort to block regulation, stating in part that, "The purpose of the gainful employment rule is not to end career training programs generally for all of these types of students.  Rather, the purpose is to stop giving federal money to those career training programs that, through a toxic combination of sky-high prices and low quality, have been proven to leave such students financially worse off than when they started.  If successfully implemented, the rule would free up more federal money to send those students to programs that actually help them build careers."


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