The Orange County Register reports  that student complaints about Education Management Corporation (EDMC)'s Art Institute campuses form the basis for federal lawsuits pending against the school.  The paper details the experience of Brendan Bieri, a student at the Art Institute of California, who told the Register that at the time of enrollment, he was advised by an enrollment counselor that  "if he enrolled to earn a degree in visual game programming, Bieri would learn animation from professionals who had worked for Disney. The program at the Santa Ana campus was so good, the counselor said, that 95 percent of graduates quickly land a job. Three years later, Bieri graduated with $90,000 in loans and found that few of the recruiter’s predictions came true. He is now helping his dad start an Alaskan company that sells smoked salmon dog treats, while quickly falling behind on his loans. " EDMC contends that the lawsuits have no merit and that the Art Institute has a strong record of success in building careers.


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