Virginia Intermont College conducted a bittersweet final graduation ceremony in the wake of a  loss of accreditation and a failed merger that unraveled the private college.  According to a report by WCVB, the faculty president took a moment during the ceremony to voice his concerns that the school's demise was preventable.  Faculty President Dr. Robert Rainwater was quoted as telling graduates, "Before we celebrate the great happiness of this graduation, let us acknowledge and express our feelings of sorrow and grief that VI days are over." He asked students to say good-bye after weeks of uncertainty about the school's future. "Intermont could've survived, things could've worked out otherwise, but we followed our leadership and it led to complete institutional failure," Rainwater said. If you have concerns about the cause of  Virginia Intermont's  loss of accreditation and other problems that you wish to share with an attorney, contact us at


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