The Courier-Post, a newspaper covering southern New Jersey, reports that for-profit schools in that area are likely to be affected by new federal regulations requiring programs to demonstrate that their career-oriented programs actually help students succeed.  
New gainful employment rules unveiled by the Obama Administration in late 2014 will track data relating to graduates' post-graduation earnings and loan debt aimed at requiring career colleges to be a "stepping stone" to the middle class, and not a place where students are buried in debt with little to show for it, according to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
The newspaper quotes one southern New Jersey educator, Dahn Shaulis, as stating that "it's time students stop falling prey to deceptive advertising campaigns from career colleges that result in low-paying jobs and a need to return to local community colleges for more education."
Students and educators with concerns about particular career schools that they are interested in sharing with attorneys who pursue claims against relating to misrepresentations, lack of accreditation, and the absence of job placement by sending an e-mail to or clicking here.



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