Kaplan Education Services — the for-profit company that operates Kaplan University and Kaplan College campuses across the country — has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit raising allegations of unqualified instructors in Texas.  The lawsuit, initiated by whistleblower Leslie Powell, prompted a federal investigation into allegations of unqualified instructors leading medical assistant courses at the company's San Antonio campus.   The San Antonio Express News reported that the "lawsuit alleged that Kaplan knowingly requested, received, and retained federal tuition funds for courses taught by individuals who did not meet the minimum requirements established by Texas law. Following the federal investigation, the parties negotiated a settlement. The majority — roughly $1.07 million - will be paid in the form of tuition refunds. The refunds will benefit 289 students, whose student loan debt will decrease as a result of the settlement, Durbin said. The whistleblower also will receive a portion for bringing the allegations to light." 
Complaints about unqualified instructors are common in the for-profit school industry in which students often are charged tens of thousands of dollars for career training programs.  If you have concerns about the qualifications of instructors at a for-profit school, you may share them here.


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