Norfolk State University is facing questions about its future following a decision by its accrediting agency to place it on probation.
According to media reports, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed the four-year university with approximately 6,000 students on probation in December 2014, following a period of being in warning status.  
As reported by Norfolk ABC affiliate 13 NewsNow,  "If Norfolk State University's accreditation is stripped away, it loses all access to federal funding and student aid. NSU would also lose its standing in the higher education community, meaning no one will accept NSU students as transfers."  
The university has been placed on probation by SACS for compliance issues relating to governance, faculty qualifications, financial stability and control over sponsored research.  SACS currently accredits colleges and universities in 11 states.
A site visit by the accrediting agency currently is planned for September 2015. 
Interim Norfolk State President Eddie Moore Jr. has publicly said that while he is disappointed by the accrediting agency's decision, the university currently expects no academic or financial impact due to probation.
Students and others with concerns about Norfolk State's accreditation who wish
to share those concerns with attorneys at College Watchdogs can do so here or by sending an e-mail to



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