Wilbeforce University, the nation's oldest private historically black institution of higher education, is facing a show-cause order from the Higher Learning Commission, but it is actively investing in buildings and academic programs as it fights the challenge to its accreditation.
In June 2014, the Higher Learning Commission issued a show-cause order alleging that the university was not in compliance with several areas important to its accreditation, including academic programs, finances, and physical plant.
In addition to undertaking repairs to buildings and shoring up academic programs, Wilberforce has submitted a 3,000 page document to the commission describing its plans for improvement.
A site visit by the HLC  that is part of the show-cause order is now scheduled for April 2015.  The visit will give Wilbeforce an opportunity to show that its accreditation should not be revoked, a move that could be devastating the university, its faculty, and its students.



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