Only 39 percent of college presidents surveyed for a new report for Inside Higher Ed express confidence that their institution's financial model has long-term sustainability.   
The report was based on data from a Gallup poll of the presidents of 338 public institutions and 262 private nonprofits in the U.S. "We’ve really reached a turning point,”  Ronald Ehrenberg, professor of industrial and labor relations and economics at Cornell and head of the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute, told Bloomberg News. “The growing debt crisis and decline in family incomes after the recession has made people very cost conscious, and institutions aren’t going to be able to increase tuition as rapidly in the future.”
“When you’re limited on your ability to raise tuition, and you’re using a substantial amount of tuition to pay to help students attend, you don’t really have a lot of money left to run the institution,” Ehrenberg said.



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