The Baltimore Sun reports that the "financially strapped" Sojourner-Douglass College may become part of a Virginia-based for-profit school, Stratford University in a deal to be spelled out in April 2015.
According to the Sun, Stratford president Richard Shurtz announced on April 1 that a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions "provides a framework to establish the Sojourner-Douglass Center at Stratford University," with programs in nursing, health sciences, information technology, and business.
It was not immediately clear what impact that any such agreement would have on current students' ability to complete programs with accreditation or to transfer credits to Stratford or any other institution.
Sojourner-Douglass College students have been in limbo following the Middle States Commission on Higher Education's decision to withdraw accreditation due to inadequate financial resources.  Sojourner-Douglass's accreditation ends in June 2015.


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