Another for-profit school, North Carolina-based Brookstone College of Business, has suddenly closed in the face of increased federal regulation.

Brookstone announced on May 13 that it was ceasing operations and discontinuing classes at its Greensboro and Charlotte campuses, where approximately 200 students were pursuing programs.  Its offerings included programs in accounting system technology, office administration and medical assisting.

The Charlotte Observer reported that Brookstone "cited the impact of federal regulations that aim to make career-training programs prove they lead to jobs and the ability to repay student debt."  

Brookstone announced that it would work to with other institutions to provide "continuing education opportunities," according to Triad Business Journal.

As of May 14, Brookstone had been less than clear on its website about its demise.  A posting on May 11 merely announced that classes would be be canceled on May 12 "due to a faculty and staff in-service training" in Charlotte.  

If you are a student or faculty member with concerns about Brookstone that you wish to share with CollegeWatchdogs,net, you may do so by calling 877-540-8333 or completing this form.



Cheryl J.M
05/15/2015 11:44am

I contacted most community colleges to transfer my credits but they all refused. I was in Greensboro campus. The only school that is willing to transfer my credits in Mount Eagle College in Winston Salem. I will be working with them next week, they sound very reasonable and friendly.

Mrs.Brenda Brazelton
05/15/2015 9:48pm

How can I get reimbursed for the phlebotomy class I took at Brookstone since they are shutting down?


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