The future of Wilberforce University hangs in the balance following the completion of a recent three-day visit by its accrediting agency that is attempting to determine whether the school's accreditation should be withdrawn.

Wilbeforce, the nation's oldest private historcally black institution of higher education, is currently operating under a show-cause order from the Higher Learning Commission requiring the school to demonstrate why its accreditation should not be withdrawn for alleged non-compliance with standards in areas including  academic programs, finances, and physical plant.   Without accreditation, Wilberforce students would cease to be eligible for federal financial aid, among other problems.

A three-day site visit by the HLC to Wilberforce last month was designed to examine whether the school's millions of dollars in upgrades -- and more than 3,000 pages of documentation submitted by Wilberforce to show improvements -- during the last year have sufficed to alleviate the accrediting body's concerns.

According to a report in Business Insider, the battle to save Wilberforce is being led by a new president, Algeania Freeman, who took the helm at the school in September 2014.



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