For-profit colleges -- with a documented history of poor outcomes for graduates who often become saddled with high debt and limited job prospects -- see a "new day" under the administration of President Donald Trump, according to a New York Times report

Following years of aggressive regulatory oversight by the Obama Administration, for-profit colleges are looking forward to relaxed supervision in the Trump Administration. Prior to becoming president, Mr. Trump settled a fraud lawsuit brought his own for-profit school, Trump University, for $25 million. His choice for secretary of Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, has investments in for-profit eduction ventures.

According to the Times report, "Since Election Day,  for-profit college companies have been on a hot streak. DeVry Education Group’s stock has leapt more than 40 percent. Strayer’s jumped 35 percent and Grand Canyon Education’s more than 28 percent. You do not need an M.B.A. to figure out why. Top officials in Washington who spearheaded a relentless crackdown on the multibillion-dollar industry have been replaced by others who have profited from it."


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