In what may mark an early sign of more favorable treatment of for-profit colleges under the Trump Administration, the U.S. Department of Education has announced delays for colleges to submit appeals or public disclosures relating to gainful employment rules, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Gainful employment rules -- created during the Obama Administration -- establish performance standards for for-profit colleges that tie their eligibility for federal student loan funds to their graduates' rate of success in loan repayments after entering the workforce. Republicans and Trump Administration officials have indicated that they will seek to curb or eliminate gainful employment rules.

In the recent announcement, the Department of Education granted roughly three-month delays to for-profit colleges to make filings relating to their gainful employment performance. According to Inside Higher Ed, the Trump Administration's Education Department said in a written statement that it decided to make the new delays to "allow the department to further review the gainful employment regulations and their implementation."


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